About us

The temple started out as a vision by His Holiness Acharya Maharaj Shree TejendraPrasadji Maharaj, and shared his desire to one day set up a temple for devotees, not only from the Swaminarayan fellowship, but anyone who desired a better spiritual future. The vision has become a reality, through endless hard work, dedication, and selfless pride by devotees in Sydney to ensure His Holiness’s vision becomes a reality.


The temple will bring devotees from all walks of life to experience the richness of Hinduism, and the vastness of the Swaminarayan faith, with all its tradition. The temple will be a place for the young to ensure their cultural heritage is upheld, and for the more senior members of the community to come and prayer together.


This temple is only a start, and it is a humble but meaningful start. This will provide the foundation for a lasting and stronger future. It is the vision of devotees of Sydney to one day, build a purpose built Swaminarayan Temple in all its majesty, splendour and rich Indian Culture imbibing the values of our Indian heritage and western upbringing.


However, we are embarking on a new challenge, a challenge of sustaining this rich Indian tradition lays with all of us to ensure the next generation following us know what it means to have Indian heritage. This challenge can only be overcome if we make this temple our own.


The organising committee welcome’s all devotees to participate in the temple activities and assist in any way they possibly can. It is only through this participation that the next grand vision of a purposeful built temple can be realised.